Dear Friends,

During the Winter Holidays Steps Theatre will present the new production "At the Ark at Eight", a play by German writer Ulrich Hub, as translated by Heinar Piller.
Our premiere is an event for kids and adults, this is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to enjoy the theatre together!

"At the Ark at Eight” is a new production by young director Anna Nesterova. This charming tale is both funny and serious, with a bewitching and captivating plot, full of unexpected turns. You'll join three inquisitive and inventive penguins and a guarding dove in their exciting adventures on Noah's Ark. You will learn about the meaning of real friendship and importance of camaraderie and mutual aid, and even have a chance to contemplate God.

The story is told with a creative twist, partially using the language of film, live stage performance and music. "At the Ark at Eight” will take you back to your childhood; will help you to find the right words and understand those around you…

This play by Ulrich Hub has won different literature and playwright awards in both Europe and the United States.

Group discount is available, Information and booking: & 212-841-5454